Prints are made on either type C glossy photo paper or fine art papers by a professional printing company. The sizes and papers available for each image were selected by the artist as being the most appropriate for the image based on a number of factors:

• Images that have been cropped or taken with lower resolution cameras cannot be printed as large as other images without degradation of quality. Keep in mind that camera resolution is not so much equated with image quality as it is with maximum print size.

• Epson inkjet printers require a higher resolution image than continuous tone printers (Chromira), which allows for greater latitude in print sizes available. In most cases, I have been very conservative in setting the maximum print size available for each image and if you are interested in having a larger size made please contact me.

• Every type of printer and ink set has a different color gamut (range of colors that can be printed) and colors can differ significantly based on the paper used. We have tried to select the paper and printer combination that does the best job of replicating the qualities of color and tonality in the image. Please contact me, if you wish to have an image printed using a paper that is not currently offered for that image.


• Standard prints (non-panoramic) have the following guidelines for sizes:

1. 5x7 – mini print at least 35 square inches.

2. 7x10 – at least 9.5 inches wide, height varies between 6 and 8 inches.

3. 11x15 – at least 15 inches wide, height varies between 10 and 12 inches.

4. 14x20 – at least 19 inches wide, height varies between 12.5 and 16 inches.

5. 19x26 – at least 24 inches wide, height varies between 17 and 20 inches

6. 21x30 – at least 28inches wide, height varies between 19 and 22 inches.

There are some exceptions to the above guidelines in the case of extreme vertical cropping or images that are cropped to be square in format.

• Panoramic prints are defined on this site as images consisting of multiple photographs stitched together to offer a horizontal field of view greater than 100 degrees. Panoramic images are shot in either horizontal or vertical format. Depending on the format and number of images involved their aspect ratios can vary significantly. A 36 inch wide horizontal format panoramic may be only 6 inches high while a 36 inch vertical format panoramic may be 9 or 10 inches high.

Panoramic prints are priced by the length of the print and the type of paper used. Standard lengths are 26, 30, 34, 42, 48, 52, 60, 66, 72, 78, and 84 inches. If you are interested in one of these prints in a length not listed above please contact me with your requirements.

Panoramic Print Pricing
Length 26" 30" 34" 42" 48" 52" 60" 66" 72" 78" 84"
Price $ 200 230 270 350 450 500 575 650 725 800 875

Standard Print Pricing
Size 5x7 7x10 11x15 14x20 19x26 21x30
Price $ 75 95 170 195 300 375

All prints have a minimum white border of ¼ inch on each edge and most of the larger (26 inches wide and up) prints will have a ½ - ¾ inch border.

Recommended mounting of prints is either hinge or corner mount. We do not recommend dry mounting with thermal glue and a vacuum press, as this can create dimples in the print surface, (especially gloss papers) which become rather noticeable under certain lighting conditions and viewing angles.

If a print is in stock, it will normally be shipped with in 2 days of order receipt and if it is not in stock please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. All prints are inspected and signed by the artist before shipment.

Fuji Crystal Archive Gloss and SuperGloss papers are printed on the Chromira Light Jet continuous tone printer at 300 dpi and have the look and feel of traditional high quality photo prints.

Hahnemule German Etching and Crane Museo Silver Rag papers are the two fine art papers available and are printed on the Epson 9800 inkjet printer at 360 dpi.


Gloss Photo Fuji Crystal Archive Gloss printed with the Chromira

This traditional glossy photo paper has beautiful color and rich, deep blacks. If you're looking for a standard glossy print, this is the choice for you.

SuperGloss Fuji Flex SuperGloss printed with the Chromira

This is the glossiest paper you can use -- there's no other material like it! SuperGloss offers the deepest and richest colors, and incredible shadow detail. It practically glows with light from within. The surface is similar to Ilfochrome papers that have been popular with professional photographers for years.

Silver Rag Crane Museo Silver Rag printed with Epson 9800 K3 Photo Black

An inkjet paper with a surface similar to traditional darkroom processes, such as fiber based silver gelatin B&W prints, and color dye-transfer prints.

Hahnemühle German Etching

This is an inkjet artist's paper, with a surface like a rough watercolor paper. Hahnemühle German Etching produces a soft look, similar to alternative photographic processes.



The ZBE Chromira is a digital enlarger that uses LED light to expose light-sensitive photo paper with great precision. The paper is then processed in photographic chemistry to produce a true photograph that has been "written with light."

Epson 9800

This is the latest (fifth generation) fine-art inkjet printer from Epson. It uses K3 Ultrachrome inks with either a Photo Black or Matte Black ink. Photo Black is optimized to produce optimal d-max with glossy and photo surface papers. Matte Black is optimized to produce optimal d-max with artist papers, watercolor papers, and other uncoated matte-surface papers.